Air superiority wins conflicts. It can also stop them before they happen. Which is why helping our Naval and Air Force aviators stay in aerial combat situations with dependable and effective countermeasures is one of our top priorities.


We’ve worked closely with the US Department of Defense for decades, modernizing and enhancing energetics cartridge designs. Our wide range of engineering experience includes design, plating and chemistry. If you have a product concept that requires cartridge technology and expertise, contact us.

  • USG approved Lot Acceptance Test (LAT) facility for ballistic performance
  • DCMA approved site plan
  • On-site pyrotechnic blending and characterization
  • Cartridge design and improvement programs through DOTC and SBIR
  • Modernized manufacturing process with a focus on precision automation

Valor manufacturers more than 2 million cartridges each year, including DoD specific and custom applications.

Products Proven in Battle

As a trusted manufacturer and supplier of military-grade products, our rich history has been built on strong engineering capabilities and large-volume production. Our US Department of Defense contracts include our current inventory of weapon systems enhancements as well as Bomb Fins and prior production of the M320 Grenade Launcher.

If you have the need for new product development requiring engineering resources and manufacturing capabilities, please contact one of our specialists.

Valor Strong

We are here for the American warfighter, the Law Enforcement community, and any other group defending our values and freedoms here and abroad. Valor is an innovative, vertically integrated industry leader of highly engineered mechanical and energetic devices.

We serve as a prime contractor for each service branch of the U.S. Department of Defense as well as a broader commercial customer base of OEMs and suppliers. We are continuing to expand to other industries that require extreme reliability at every phase of the design and manufacturing process.