Advance Traverse and Elevation Mechanism

Accuracy and Dependability on the move

Our ATEM system delivers next level advancements in Vehicle Mounted Traverse and Elevation weapon mounts. By adapting the core capabilities of our Ground Mount Systems to mobile units, gunners finally have the ease, speed, stability and accuracy of our M205. The ATEM remote operations mechanism has training commonality with our ground mounts for wide troop familiarity and significantly improved field skill.

The ATEM is a direct replacement for the M205 T&E along with vehicle mounts.. Remote T&E adjustments allow for significantly faster engagement in the heat of battle.

  • 1 mil fine adjustment capability
  • Remote T&E Actuator keeps two hands on the weapon
  • Rapid, precise target acquisition and repeatability 
  • Advanced, integrated T&E operations
  • No lost or discarded T&E mechanisms
  • Precision fire control for reduced collateral damage
  • Training commonality with the M205
  • First round burst on target
  • Rapid, bold T&E adjustments even while gunner is fully engaged
  • Faster deployment, more accurate engagement
  • Remote actuator allows for traverse movement (half-pull) or full bold T&E movement (full-pull)
Elevation & Depression: Range: 310 mils
Traverse: Total Range: 420 mils
Weapons Systems: M2/M2A1 .50 Caliber Machine Gun & MK19 Grenade Machine Gun


In collaboration with the US Army, we’ve designed innovative mechanical systems, such as the M205 and M192 with MWO Kit ground mounts, that have become a fixture of efficiency and reliability in combat training and frontline engagement.