Built for the battlefield

Lightweight, next generation ground mount.

Heavy arms demand a rugged, durable tripod. Soldiers demand a lightweight solution to prevent being overburdened with weight in the field of battle. Our M205 is 37% lighter and stronger than the M3 while still supporting a .50 cal or GMG. Developed with the US Army, the M205 meets critical field demands, including advanced traverse and elevation (T&E) operations that match our M192 for training and improved troop skills. The M205 is the future of high performance Ground Mounting Systems.

The M205 replaced the M3 tripod for lighter weight, higher precision, improved stability, faster deployment and engagement, reduced profile, and training/field commonality with the M192.

  • Revolutionary one-handed T&E operation
  • Advanced integrated T&E mechanism
  • Rapid bold and fine adjust
  • More accurate engagement
  • Faster deployment and acquisition
  • Rapid 360 degree “free gun” capability
  • Easy stow and carry
  • 50% height/width reduction when stowed
  • Full range and versatility of the M2 and MK19
  • No adaptors or bolt-ons necessary
  • Stronger than the M3
  • Low Profile
  • Consistent elevation and depression through full range of motion
  • Training commonality with the M192
    (Tens of thousands units deployed to US DoD and Allied Forces)
  • Accurate, repeatable target acquisition
  • 19 pounds lighter than the M3
Weight: 34 pounds (15.42 kg)
Width: 12 in (30.48 cm) stowed/ 25 in (63.5 cm)deployed
Length: 46 in (116.84 cm) stowed / 75 in (190.50 cm) deployed
Height: 8 in (20.32 cm) stowed / 25 in (63.5 cm) deployed
Elevation & Depression: Total Range: 0-460 mils
Traverse: Total Range: 0-900 mils
Weapons Systems: M2 / M2A1 .50 Caliber, Machine Gun & MK19, Grenade Machine Gun


In collaboration with the US Army, we’ve designed innovative mechanical systems, such as the M205 and M192 with MWO Kit ground mounts, that have become a fixture of efficiency and reliability in combat training and frontline engagement.