Proven Performance. Extreme Reliability.

Lightweight, Next Generation Ground Mount

Before Valor designed the M192 Lightweight Ground Mount, mounting system designs were based on 1930’s technology. The Army challenged our engineering team to reduce the weight, deploy and operate with greater speed as well as increase overall efficiency. It has since become an enduring fixture on the field of battle and troop training grounds.

The M192 with MWO Kit is the platform for improved stability, mobility, weight, ease of use and reduced profile with adjustable front leg.

  • Revolutionary one-hand traversing and elevation (T&E) operation
  • Advanced integrated T&E mechanism
  • Faster, more accurate target engagement
  • Rapid bold and fine adjustment
  • Part of the Rapid Fielding Initiative
  • Low profile with adjustable front leg for compatibility with varying body armor
  • Greater ground clearance for operation in defilade
  • Single hand traverse limit stop operation
  • Folds into barrel bag
  • Built-in spent case deflector
  • Accurate, repeatable target acquisition
  • Integrated mounting bracket with innovative quick release
  • 6 pounds lighter than the M122A1
Weight: 11.5 pounds (5.22 kg) (30% reduction)
Width: 12" (30.48 cm) stowed / 11.5" (29.21 cm)
Length: 24" (60.96 cm) stowed / 31.75" (80.65 cm) extended
Height (on level): 10.2" (25.91 cm)
Elevation & Depression: Total Range: 0-510 mils
Traverse: Total Range: 0-900 mils
Weapons Systems: M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M240B / Medium Machine Gun
Units Fielded: 70,000


In collaboration with the US Army, we’ve designed innovative mechanical systems, such as the M205 and M192 with MWO Kit ground mounts, that have become a fixture of efficiency and reliability in combat training and frontline engagement.